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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Everyone Should Consider an Online Degree

Why Everyone Should Consider An Online Degree, online degrees, studying online, college students, online students
Online degrees are a viable option that every student should consider.
Long thought to be the domain of for-profit educational insitutions, online degrees have evolved from being one of higher education's biggest taboos to offering it a fresh new look. Despite this, many students are still very reluctant to explore the world of online education, often overlooking it in favor of the traditional on campus experience. While the traditional on campus experience no doubt has its advantages, an online degree offers a unique alternative that's worthy of every potential students consideration. Here are the top reasons why everyone should consider an online degree:

Online Degrees are Now More Credible, Less Stigmatized

When the world of online education was first introduced, it was met with distrust from about everyone including traditional more established universities, employers and students alike. While the advantage of being able to gain a degree from the comfort of your own home was stressed, people for the most part chose to proceed with caution rather than take the plunge. This reaction was understandable, especially when you take into consideration the fact that initially, online degrees were the domain of the relatively new for-profit institutions that were not as well established as their traditional counterparts. This has now changed, as more and more, reputable universities such as the University of Florida, now offer online degrees in a wide range of majors such Business Administration and Biology. Also with services such as ProctorU, the integrity of online degrees are protected from those who may believe they lack the quality offered by on campus options. Even employers are becoming more open to the idea as US News' Devon Haynie reports, " [the] acceptance of the degrees by employers is becoming more common." As the internet increasingly plays a greater role in our everyday lives, one can expect that online education will eventually be met with less resistance.

Why Everyone Should Consider an Online Degree, online degrees, online students
Why everyone should consider an online degree.

Online Degrees Can Be More Affordable

With the cost of higher education increasing, and the US student loan debt at an unbelieveable $1.2 trillion according to Chris Denhart at Forbes, it is now more important than ever for potential students to seek out more affordable options. Online degrees are one of the most affordable options, since costs such as daily transportation and boarding do not have to be considered. Many universities also offer online degrees with tuition costs that are less than on campus degrees. Many are also not aware, that the same financial aid options available to on campus students are also extended to those who are online students. Online eductaion offer students the option of gaining a college degree, without having to worry about owing the equivalent of a mortgage once they're complete.

Online Degrees offer Lifelong Lessons

Many universities make it a duty to assess a student's readiness when taking online classes, and it is for good reason. It is one thing to know that classes are every Wednesday and Friday at 10, and that missing more than three classes will result in getting dropped from the course; it is another thing to have the discipline to take time from your hectic schedule to watch hours of lectures, complete assignments, and study for exams.
 Aside from discipline, taking a degree online can arm students with the skills needed to be more tech savvy individuals. As the use of technology in the workplace continues to grow, those familiar with the tools used for things like video conferencing, will find themselves many steps ahead of those who lack such knowledge, definitely a point to mention in job interviews.

As with everything else related to higher education, research is necessary for discovering the myriad of options available for students today. Students who conduct the proper research on institutions will find that an online education can be just as rewarding as an on campus degree, and a very fulfilling experience.

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